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Monday, June 26, 2017

Let Toss Out The Corn and Rice

I want to eat a balance meal and keep my calorie count right around 1,822 and I was under my calorie intake was 1,664
Once I stable and learn to eat a balance meal on average of 1,800 calories. There other place I need to focus on.
This morning before it got to hot I did mange to get in a short walk.

I made up my weekly plan in my bullet journal and if I pulled it out. I can see where it would benefit me and my life would be more productive.

I'm tired and weigh in tomorrow

Coffee is on

Sunday, June 25, 2017

No One Realy Messes Up Totally

Its been some what hard Thursday and Friday at work. I was thankful to the beer god/dess. So my eating sort of went out the door. Well there been a lot bigger bumps along the way. This time I didn't break the so called wheel, hopeful I'm back on tract.

Friday I took both my clients to Sandpoint to the Library and a few yard sale down there. The last stop I drop Regis was at the Sandpoint Safeway...And how much of this comes from hallucinations, but usual there some truth in it....I drop of Regis at Safeway and he want to get some Capt Crunch Cereal and Liz and I was going to stop in at yard sale a road down from Safeway, behind.
The odds was that Regis would be done before us. So I told him go and set at the table out side and wait.
Well he wasn't at the table and I knew he was pretty much broke..As we came back from the yard sale he wasn't at the tables.
Liz noticed him over in parking lot waving his can, and yelling something. So we came up beside him and told him to get the hell into the rig.
After we got him settle down. And ask him what going on.
Regis was smoking it was his cigar, cigarette, or even pot. And Idaho pot is complete illegal. So unknown product he was smoking on.
Some one made a crude remark about the smell. And if someone was there or not. Your guess is good as mine.
Well words was exchange. The last remark as I understand they told him "GO TO HELL" and it sit him off. And he was going to take his cane and smash there vehicle window in.
Now if someone tells me to go to hell...My respond is "WE WILL HAVE THE FIRST DANCE TOGETHER IN HELL" but the other day I think I might even heard a better one...THERE A RESTRAINING ORDER ON ME and I CAN'T GET BACK IN"
The only truth I know he was in Safeway. The part who knows.

I once again start up making my own set of Tarot cards. I need to finish up the 8 of cups which represents sacrifice. I want to put in a sew machine in this card.
Then I will color it in and draw anther one.
Yesterday I went to our belated SUMMER SOLSTICE celebration planning meeting down in Courd"Alene.

I might need to seek legal advice. I receive a letter from the company I work for. I'm apprehend about sign in it. The reason is I'm wondering if I every got hurt on the job that they could use it in against me if I every got hurt on the job.
Close to year ago I was to one of there semi annual meeting. One of the supervisor made the statement that they carry liability insurance but they don't need to carry workman comp insurance, and be careful on the job.
Which I don't know if it true or not.
See the company is ran as a profit sharing I bought in to company for $10.
Then some time ago my friend LaWalla and I was doing washing window. LaWalla was doing the out side and I was doing the inside. She was up a chair slip and hit her head on the ground and developed a knot. So I took over to our local emergency room.
As we was checking her in. She fill out the papers for injury on the job. She explain to them it ran as self employed company. That they didn't take out taxes. The admit person ask if it part of 1099. I said no but we get I believe it K1 something. She said they have to have workman comp.
So I dug in my purse and gave them the company toll free phone # and admit person called the company and said we have one of your employee "LaWalla" that been hurt on the job, and wondering who is your carrier for workman comp. They act like the never heard of her.
She went back into the exam room and I did small errand and picked he up in about half hour or so.
Good news everything worked out...But I believe her medicare paid the bill and not workman comp.
So there some slightly shady things about this company.

Above I said I went to our planning meeting the lady I rode down she ask me how Bart was doing and that time it been a while since I talk to him.
I talk to Bart a little while ago and toward the end of July he going to Seattle there a major university that more or less specialize in Brain things.
One of my nephew had to go there.
Well I sure don't want my entire conversation to my son be about his tumor. I didn't bring anything about it up. I want to hear about how things going. I was sure glad to hear they was planning to go on a hike around Round Lake just south of Sandpoint, near Sagle.
The lady I wrote down that her son might be spending some time in prison and she says it can be difficult to have conversation with him.
I also find it difficult at also to have a conversation with my son, when the tumor is brought up.
Statement time...They got to be more to conversation then his tumor.

I need to figure out what I'm doing for next week. I don't believe much is going on as for an appointment with my clients. I know I want to get the copy of my taxes send off to the company and I can get my other part of my bonus.
Shouldn't take them long to send me the check and I'll then might go and get me a lap top, unless I get this one fix.
Well I'm still seeking donation for Daisy and there a link on right hand side "Dasiy Teeth Cleaning" Maybe later on I will have the chance to attach the other area of white on my crochet rag rug.

Coffee is on

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sunshine As Medicine

I wonder how the entire thing about vitamin D works, SUNSHINE VITAMIN. As many of you know I do fit day and I seem low on the vitamin and since one can't eat sunshine and then how is this vitamin measured.
I get outside quite a bit. But then on the other side one doesn't need to damage one skin.

Notice our neighbors to the south of east found place in the town of Bonners Ferry, Up in Marx subdivision.
Good neighbors sorry to see them go. I like soaking up the sun but since they had small children I couldn't total sunbath in my birthday suit.
Until someone moves into the place. I can sit quietly in private in the nude and sock up sunshine.
The trees between the two places don't cover everything.

The old neighbor were nice enough to give us there old firewood what they used in there fireplace. roughly a half of cord of larch and red fir mixed.
We were planning on purchasing a cord of firewood. Still am, which will then give us one and half cords. The half cord is worth about $80 to $125.

Not quite to 1,800 calories I just don't see what I'll be going under that for a while. There a lot of info out there on how much CALORIE we need. I've always thought the ideal of 12 -13 calorie of body weight to loose. 14-15 calorie to maintain your weight, and gain weight one should eat 18 - 19 calorie per pound.
It also depends on how active you are. On fit day I keep track of my nutritional value, and see where I need to improve on.

Happy Summer everyone...Coffee is on

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What Effect Us

Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S meeting and only one person lost. I stay the same. Finely I mange to maintain my calorie count last week at 1,847. It took me 3 weeks and I don't know why it took me that long.
Now this up coming week my calorie count 1,822.
Today discussion topic was....Question time...What would you tell your 10 year self?...my answer your ok and your doing fine.
It was also brought up. Why certain thing in our lives effect us and other things don't.
Not going into great detail and I know I wrote about getting into trouble at school for something I didn't do. It uncomfortable for me to come in first. And the topic of wills. When I have time I will blog about wills.

The photos I've done last few times it been that I found them off the net. It's been since Feb since I've gotten anything off my camera.

I haven't yet got the hang of using a BULLET JOURNAL. We all have certain goals in our lives. One of the reason I'm not loosing weight is lack of water and movement.
So one of my goals is to do 3 chores in the morning and 2 in the evening before I go to work.
Most of my time even with my job most of my hours in under supervision.

The other day I wash up the fabric I bought some time ago for my grand daughter Emilia. And my son father day gifts is going to be a little late. Because of how my pay day fell.
Both boys I got them a crayola kit for under $10 and those balsam wood planes. When the boys was young I would put them in there sock and they were around $1.00 each.
The price of them now is just under $2.50
Since Sawyer wife Betty makes DOGIE SCARF I put in some fabric. Then the place I got the balsam wood planes, LARSON in Bonners Ferry. I also got my grand daughter a little outfit and it was mark down 25%.

Murphy got a small harvest off our strawberry patch. Picked u chair for Regis at the thrift store.

                                                                Coffee is on

Sunday, June 18, 2017

There Many Types Of Communcation

Since today is Fathers Day. In past our fore fathers communcate in so many ways. Such as actual talking to anther being. But there been communication devices since way back when. Beating a drum or even sending a smoke signals.

TELEGRAPHY is one of communicating. Reminds me of texing or twitter. One might send a tex or a gram...Bst Dad in wld, luv u lot.

A hand written letter for years was a way of communicating. People correspond during war, when family and friends was far apart. One couldn't get vehicle or some type of transport. Only way one got around is riding a horse or having the horse pull the cart.

I'm one who still have pen pals and this some what the letter I will be sending..

June 19, 2017

Dear Abby

So this weekend I'm writing cards and letters to my pen pals. Plus other not exciting things like dishes, laundry and such.
Got the veggie garden in. Since I work a 30 hour week. I don't have much to do with it. Murphy handles 98% of the garden.
This morning he brought in some fresh beet greens
It would be good with dinner.
Notice the strawberries are turning red and plenty of blossom our on the raspberries.
So both boys are doing fine. Bart who had the tumor remove is back to work and talk to different oncologist. Both agree on light chemo. They don't agree when to start it.
Since this type of tumor is slow growing type, but it rare and only 4% of population gets it. I have trouble announcing it and let lone spell it.
There three good thing going for him. He young, healthy, and it slow growing.
Now for Sawyer and Betty there doing fine. At this point there trying to figure out what color to paint the outside of there house. It's best for me to stay out of it.
Since adopting is expensive. Actual apply for and older child. Most states and the program called “A Forever Home” but some places might call it something else.
What I understand there a lot of paper work. Seen a few of question. I would have trouble answering them.
But there next step they take a parenting course in August.
Not sure what happen after that.
Still working 30 hour week. My client Regis is having a hip replacement in July. Then my hours will increase. But by how much, I'm clueless. I never figure out the hours why people who are in horrible shape gets little hours. Then they're those who I think is in better shape them me, gets all types of hours.
My other client Liz is dealing with difficult about her son Paul. It would take some time to explain everything. But at present time he in jail for trying to choke his girl friend.
He got quite the record. Mostly because of drinking.
The sad thing he need medication for that he hears
A couple of times he mention that he can hear people think.
So I wrote a letter, and gave it to his mom so she can give it to his lawyer. Yes he needs to be responsible for his action and choices. But he needs help.
Most resent craft project I've been working on is a crochet rag rug but at the moment I been cutting and putting strips together. This one being done red, white, and blue.
I'm giving it to Liz for Christmas. Right now I'm trying to finish up project I got going.
This afternoon my hubby Murphy and I went to a memorial service of our friend Debbie, she wasn't quite 56 years old.
She died of cancer, and she did give it a good fight.
Not much more to say. Anyhow you put in the coolest stuff in your letters.

Pen pal

Write when you can


On star trek it amazing how things record...LOG...but then there those fancy computer that the crew talk to.
Even I talk to my lap top. Confession time...At time I will say please and thank you. Which is not necessary.
Question time...how do you think we will be keeping records/documents and communicating in the future?

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Since There No Photos Yet

Three priest was sitting at the pearly gate awaiting to talk to St Peter, and to see if they can get into heaven.
So after a long wait it was then the priests turn.
St Peter ask the first priest have you every fooled around?
#1 priest reply...”Never” so he got a new Jaguar to drive around, in heaven.
Then it came to #2 priest...same question have you every fooled around?
#2 priest shyly reply...Once I did it was my senior prom and things just got of hand. But I felt so bad and never did it again.
So St Peter told him...It was only once and I'm going to let you have a 5 year old Chevrolet to drive in heaven.
Now # 3 priest was to be interview
St Peter ask same question..”Have you every fooled around” to #3 priest.
Proudly the #3 priest said...”Hell yes I got all I could and even some time two or three times. Then on holly days I even diddle all the married woman of parish.
So St Peter said to #3 priest..That not very becoming for a priest, since your honest. I'll let you in and you get a tricycle to ride around heaven in.
So all three priest was in heaven...And the #3 priest was on a cloud rolling round laughing.

#1 priest drove by and roll down the window of his Jag and ask the #3 priest..What are laughing at?...His reply was the pope just past me on pogo stick.  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Eliminate That Doesn't Work

I've been trying to figure out why I can't pull any photo off my xD card. And couple of comment suggest it might be my xD so I took my card down to our local photo place, "Photo Plus"
So I plug in my card and it worked fine. I didn't just plug it in. I had two photos printed and it cost me forty cents.

Question time...Have you every post a something and thought I should blog about that? Mine right now would be about people getting a free ride or mooching.
I thought it was my multi reader and I even went and got a new one. When I put it in a port there will be red light that lights up. Absolutely nothing.
I'm hoping after coffee I will get a chance to take my lap in to my niece.
The lap top isn't worth taking it to a shop. Actual it runs fine other then the photo issue. It only worth on high end, $80.

Murphy replace part of the guts to the toilet. Then I went to work. Saturday is pay day. I can take care of the finical end of life.
I was going to post how I stay with in my calorie count for last few days. That would be a flat lie. But I did make a plan to try a Smore frappuccino at Starbucks. I've pretty much stay with in my calorie count. Planning meals has help.
Confession time....If I didn't have the frappuccino I would be slightly under my 1847. My choice of having a frappuccino wasn't by emotions.
Finish up the red part of Liz crochet rag rug. Next section of rug will be white. Looks like I will have to find more white fabric. Usual sheets from thrift store is best way to get the fabric for crochet rag rug.
Last year we had such issue with flea on all of our furry family members. This year we got handle on things.
Just spray both cat Ziggy and Abner. And first part of June treated Daisy with drops. So far so good.

Coffee is on


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