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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hopeful It's All Covered.

Just finish making and trying to figure things out for October. Like budget and goals. September bills are almost paid. Still need to write a check out for the water bill.

Saturday was quite busy. I went to our area T.O.P.S rally. I sure was having panic attacks there. I was wondering how I would react...I'm the one who came up with this year theme..."How The west was one and weight was lost"
Well all in all I had a wonderful time.
Then that evening we had a small gathering to celebrate one of our pagan harvest, Mabon. A small gathering of 7.

I watch the news show 60 minute and not sure if it every Sunday or not. But Oprah did a great table discussion on DIVIDED COUNTRY.
Question time...Do you think you could set at table and have discussion on events knowing that people there is total ageist the way you think? 

I got the book on blood type diet. But at this time I would have a hard time following it. But last week I was in Sandpoint and Regis and I stop in there library, and found they had this book. THE WRITING DIET 
Two things I thought it sound interesting and it was checked out.

I know I grumble on my blog. On one had I feel horrible doing it. But on the other side of coin. I have a horrible time grumble in real life.
Like to night my hubby made a wonderful dinner pork chops, scalloped potatoes, and fresh squash from the garden.
Although I watch my portion.
But I don't know how many time I've been told by doctors to watch my salt intake. And even recommed that I follow the DASH diet. And you can see the dash diet salt intake is 1,500 mg a day.
I'm not sure how much salt he uses. But he says he doesn't use that much. But usual food taste salty to me.

Did a little or prep work on the deck. Built a form to pour cement for the landing. Which we're planning to do on Wednesday.
I finely got my white strips cut for the rag rug I'm working on.

Coffee is on

Thursday, September 21, 2017

We're Stronger Then We Think

Ask Liz to take a photo of my tarot cards I made, yes my art work looks like middle grade school. But I'm doing it.
Well I thought I was pretty creative. But I saw an exercise to do with tarot cards...draw three and do write a story from these three cards...a little creative writing assignment.

The people in Bogus had once thought everyone should be same and even personality should be the same. So they thought every one should look a like. Everyone whore Olive green from head to toe. And even wore Olive tint glasses and all the world looked the same. But everyone chain that was tethered with a invisible chain as they went thought life. Although it might been seen but some chain was longer then others. But one thing if you look as people move around with there chains some had and easier time moving then others.
But the key was found to un-locked the shackles and push up the gate. No one in Bogus even knew there was mill of life. People had different way of seeing the world.
But soon that everyone had a part to play to make the mill wheel turn. And everyone part has equal importance even if it all isn't the same
Since the people of Bogas took off the chains and start to ask question and wonder about things in there life and the world it self. They have became stronger in so many ways.

I knew I did a story once before basic on there cards. Then anther time I start a short stories life Bogus. Simple fact I don't recall people or place name in the stories.

Now back to reality of life. Murphy and I did some home improvement, trying to winterize around the doors. Well the side door went fairly easy but when it came to the front door complete anther story.
Weigh in was dispointed, trying and it struggle about keeping on track of loosing weight. I got book on blood type diet. I don't know if one eats by your blood type makes any difference or not.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

I Had Thought

Had every intention to post a story about the first three tarot cards that I've made. One thing I want to do is have a photo of them.
As manu of you know I have camera issue. Well I did get my e-mail took care of. I got into my Yahoo account.
Now the photo issue between X'd card and lap top.

Yesterday Liz and I went to a tarot group in Spokane. Very interesting! We did reading for each other. Some did a reading for me, and he use this SCIENCE TAROT. He did a nine card lay out. The card fastnate me, had also made me a little on edge. I drew the ALGEBRA which is reunion of broke parts. It said AL KHWARIZMI is father of Algebra.
Algebra gave me great anixity and haven't had much to do with it since high school.
I believe in other deck it would be the 8 of wands.

If I was going to attend a religious service on Sunday. I would go to the UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM service since there none in my area, and the close ones is 1.5 to 2 hour drive. A little hard to attend.
Well every so often I try to watch the TAPES FROM THE SPOKANE UU"S and last Sunday the 17th of September they did it on Tarot

Weigh in at my local T.O.P.S group I felt I did pretty good. I was down 1/2 pound last week. I can't think of any reason I gain this week.
No late night eating or got out of control with snack.

Coffee is on

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Had Every Intention To Post

My life is pretty darn boring and at this age. Which is ok. Well I had every plan to post about my day or what every I felt like.
But some how I had the stomach quivers. Nothing real bad but I just couldn't focus on blogging.

Well the week been going ok. I still haven't yet got into my YAHOO mail open and I told forgot about them being hack.
I thought I would never say this I wish I knew a hacker.
anther thought I had. I thought I would take care of my e mail trouble with yahoo and it looks like it not going to be easy.
Now for the photo issue, which I never got to. But hopeful soon and it not a head banger.

Let see just a short time ago. Murphy and I took off the steps from our deck. So he can make a landing pad. And a few of the corners need to be level out.

I got anther ball of fabric rolled up for a rag rug I'm crocheting. Still need to cut more white. And possible get more blue. For rag rug I usual go to the thrift store but then I check for super duper sales.
Thought of drying some summer squash making chips out of them. But still a little warm to start the dehydrator in the house.
Thought of sitting it on the deck, but that will bring in those nasty yellow jacket.

Question time...How do you come up with what you post on blog? The other day on DEMOCRACY NOW Amy Goodman was interview  the founder of Pink Floyd, ROGER WATERS On Occupation of the American Mind. I'm not into talking about the Middle East Issue or our relationship with Israel.
But what got me thinking is how we come to believe something. I heard and I couldn't tell you how many say "I can't be brain wash" or "Propaganda doesn't effect me" Well sorry Charlie it does and that includes me.
Question time...Who or what influence in what we believe? Since there so much out there in world since we connected from every part of world and there quite a few of us yak on anyone subject.
I can still recall the news was 30 minutes for local and national news. The three main net works handle it.
Now I just peak at my facebook page, strolled a little and there was plenty and most of our opinionated...Statement time..Who knows how a simple line or two might effect how see the world or our self.

Confession time...I never like talking about what I eat. But it does help if I post about trying to become more healthier. See I haven't given up.
So for today my fruits and veggies been corn and I know it can consider a carb. But it grows out garden and so veggies.
Fresh tomatoes made into juice, and mini melon. Both out of the garden.
Since the smoke has thin out. Been getting a little more walking in. My pedometer battery is shot and I just can't get the old one out. Looks like I'll stop in BATTERIES PLUS not sure which one. But I'm sure they can help.
A little more walking been happening, but when it was smokey outside. No walking done. Every so often I'll get on the tread mill but I find it boring. But being fat is boring.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Spokane and possible Liz is going. She tends to be wish washy about life.
Oh I forgot to tell you where going to Tarot group.

Coffee is on

Thursday, September 14, 2017

No Pay Raise and What Do You Expect

Not sure what the rest of world pays for Personal care service. I know Idaho medicaid pays the agency who runs personal care service $4.01 for personal care and $3.40 for home services. This is for every 15 minutes. I let you figure hourly billing what Idaho medicaid pays the companies.
It up to personal care place to decided what will be paid to there worker...Google "Idaho wages for Personal Care Worker and it comes up $8.61
Well my company is willing to pay $12.43 and hour.
It was ask if we was going to get a raise. The answer was "No" and the reason is...our wages our fine because there no cost of living increase.

Also we receive our profit sharing checks. Mine is going for a set of tires on the truck.

The smoke roll back in and it isn't as bad as it was. At one time the smoke was thick as pea soup. One couldn't see to far in the distant.

Let see what have I been doing. Yesterday I went for a walk. Today let see I did dishes, help my hubby put away laundry, and wash out the bathroom sink it was just awful.
Waste time on facebook and of course ranted about no pay raise. Confession time...Some time it fun  to dilly dally around.
Then also I cut out some fabric strips to continue on the rag rug I'm making. It been a while since I've worked on it.
Almost done with tarot card I'm working on is the Temperance, only thing to do is add the sloth and color it in.

Hubby had a bad case of heart burn. I've seen people who thought they had heart burn and never went to get help and end up in local morgue.
He took an aspirin and I mix up baking soda and water. His heart burn is no longer.

Coffee is on

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Out Of Isn't Bad

Moving forward on a goal usual is good thing. Yesterday I got some paper things straighten out. Maybe later on I might even try to go though some more papers and such.
But one thing I did was taken the boxes marked "Yard Sale" out of the shed/barn. They been there not quite 2 years. I'm not going to hold on it for anther year.
So before I go to work I'll drop them off at the new thrift store. Confession time...they sure was dusty and I know I should wash them but I'm not.

I tried on the tops I got at the clothes give away in Naples. I got 8 tops and 3 only fit. So the others will be drop off at the new thrift store.

Picked a mini melon out garden sure was good. We went to Safeway and Murphy had a $25 gift card and bought I believe was around $38 worth and minus the $25 end up paying $13

Not sure what I will be doing this up coming week. I know for one thing I will be going to work. Regis want his carpet shampoo and he save money out of his September check for this.
Well Friday I called up his orthpedic doctor and ask for a refill on morphine. So we wasn't in and will return on Monday. So the time he gets the message it will be Monday afternoon and I'm guessing we will go down Tuesday or Wednesday and pick up the hard copy.
But what would be better if I could get it on Monday early afternoon and he can rest up the rest of the day for his Physical therapy.

One thing they suggest for him was a stationary bike. Well there no room in his place for a such thing. So I brought up a "peddler bike" well I didn't know what they where called. Until the doctor told me.
I even mange to get in a short walk this morning. More of mental health type of walk. Not to heart beat up instead enjoy the sights, sound, and smell of nature.

Also to day I got back painting my rock. I did Mr and Mrs Monster or Napoleon and Josy. I'm now working on there four children. Daughter Martha, twin brother George and John, and baby Abby.
The girls will be cyclops. Not sure what else I will be painting this week.

Coffee is on

Saturday, September 09, 2017

It shouldn't Be All That Hard

Still trying to get into my Yahoo e-mail account. I would like to recover some e-mail address. I believe I know what I need to do. But and did you hear me say "but" They have my old cell number and I need to give them my new cell number and they can text me a code.
Statement time...I feel the same when I'm dealing with bureaucracy of government or big business. 
I often wonder if there such a thing is a little common sense and little more trust.

As many know I paint rocks. Sure a different thoughts on...using a cemetery for place to hide and hunt for rocks.
I under stand there is a Jewish custom of leaving stones on a grave. But there not all that many Jews here and the ones I know. Don't practice there faith. I believe there called SECULAR JEW
But there been stones place on LOCAL GRAVE MARKER

Maybe a skeleton might not be accept items to place on grave. Question time...If this rock was painted something else let say a flower....Do you think your reaction would be the same>
and I was wonder....Question time...If this skeleton was place other then a grave yard...What do you think your reaction would be?

I been doing some de cluttering of papers today. Some went into it proper file, then other went into the recycle bin, also some is in the blue container to be burn at later date. and a very few was slip back in a drawer...Confession time...I'm clueless what to do with them.
I stop in at the clothes give away at Naples fire hall. I stop in last hour it was open. I found a few tops look like they should fit.
I'll try them on tomorrow. I have a horrible time finding tops to fit. I have big boobs and narrow shoulders.
A lot of time if they fit in the shoulders I can't get them across the boobs.
But once I get them across my boobs and then I need to put on football should pad and look like lineman for the Sea Hawks. There the closes pro football team.to me.

Our town is open a new thrift store and not sure what there calling it. So I under stand the money is staying in local. As I understand there helping to spayed and neuter animals. Possible help our veterans out.
Then there a local pet shelter who also operate a shelter for pets who looking to be adopted.
And last one is put on by the seventh day Adventist and I've heard they funds don't stay local. It goes to the missionaries over seas.
Well the items I was going to have yard sale with. I will donated to all three of our local thrift store.

Less smoke today. I heard some place even got some rain. Not at my house. We had some good gust of wind. Not good for the fire fighters.


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