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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mending Of Clothing

Haven't mend clothes for years. My mom mend the family clothes. And I know how and refuse and actual find it a frustrating chore.
Confession time...I rather make a piece of clothing from scratch. 

Any how as mending I came to post about mending our hearts, mind, and spirit.

There plenty of mending we can do in our society. Well we move and things have been mend or fix. Although there plenty of things to do.

In very resent history young people took to the streets, on gun control. I'm not giving my opinion on my  GUN since it was done recently.
I could fine any links to see if there was sometime of coverage for those 17 who was shot it Florida, that our local schools here if the had a walk out. But BOISE area did.
Something sure isn't right that we live in such violent society.

TOY 'R' US is closing or sell it store. We getting less and brick and mortar stores. More and more takes care of business on line. I'm one of them.
But the conversation needs to take place on those empty building.
There a shortage of low income housing. Could possible these building be use as low income resident or possible community center.

Today I went and did some shopping for my clients. And when I was going though the check out line. I always ask the clerk how her day was going. And hopeful have a short positive conversation with them.
To find out the checker had a little bit of bit of ruff day.
I said I'm sorry but every so often we need a hard day, so we appreciate the good days. And there a lot more of them.

Today I took Regis today to have some lab work done. Well not going into medical mumble jumble.
His orthpedic doctor want some I believe a sample from his hip. Well they send a fax to the lab department and found out they don't handle what the doctor wanted.
So they weren't sure which department would handle. So we went over to the registration department a very nice lady.
Well maybe in 10 minute or so we found out we need to go to the radiology department
 Well they were full up and had one appointment open tomorrow, at one in the afternoon.
Well yesterday Liz and I went shopping. I knew what I needed and what. She tends to try to spend her self happy.
Find out she even talking about selling part of her BREYERS HORSE COLLECTION. Well her monthly bills are paid. She has funds on her ebt card. She will make it though rest of the month.

But then she tried coloring her hair a fun blue color. I thought it would take hold since she a blond. It didn't
I hope she doesn't become to depress. She suffer from agoraphobia. Hopeful this doesn't put her in a funk.
I suggest she tries to get hold of company, and see if she could get a refund. I don't under stand why it didn't take.

One of my grandfather Edgar sayings..."If you don't like me in my Thursday coveralls you don't need to bother to like me my Sunday best"

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Made It

Goals are some time hard to make. Not sure how hard or easy goals should be. If it was overly hard, wondering who would try to move forward in life.
If it was to easy. I could see it being one would not try to move forward.

I had a goal as for loosing weight. I want to be in or under the 215(97.55) and today weight in at T.O.P.S was 215.75 (97.8)
Well before next quarter my quarter weigh in will be a lease or less, 210 (95.2)

As I took Regis over to his cogitative therphy. I went for a short walk around the hospital.
Not much time with Liz. She has a doctor appointment over at our local hospital. It a consultation with a gastroenterlogist, and surgeon.

I was thinking of what age I'll be retiring. Longer I wait more I will receive. Here in united states one can retire at 62. It base on what you paid in and how many years you been in work force.
At my current wages and who know when raise will happen. Or what value of a dollar will be. But if I retire at 62 on my earning I will get about $620 a month.
But I'm thinking of waiting to I'm almost 63 and three fourths. should receive about a little over 800 a month.
Well basically I don't want to qualify for medicaid or combo of both medicare and medicaid. Doing personal care and dealing with medicaid I don't want to deal with them at all. Usual I just shake my head.
I don't want work or have a job that rules most of my day. There more to life then punching a clock.

Right now and it from 2017 maxium amount is $3,538 and if one get under $750 a month and if your over 65 years or older. Then we have a supplement insurance called SSI. But there limited resource one can have

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Before Work But After Morning Chores

I mange to get a short walk in morning. As I was walking I could hear the train down in canyon. I live up on PLATEAU with plenty of grasses and trees. One can see mountain all around.
But had to wonder where it was going and it was hauling. Although I believe it fright was good for a lease some wonderful person.

I did mange to do two simple morning chores. Did some vacuuming and put the dishes away. Hubby now is doing dishes.

My son Bart brought up my suburb which he got at car auction for me. Paid slightly under $500 and had to order a mirror for the left side.
Had to get that fix. Simple it un-safe feature and also I could receive a ticket.
It at the shop. And the wiring plugs don't match. Well I can roll down the window and adjust the mirror. But we're wondering if the bolts and such will line up. If it doesn't I will have to send that one back.

Not much on going on to see doctors. Well I see enough of them because of my job. Confession time...I only meant one though my work I thought was a complete ass.
But I'm leaning toward making appointment with my regular doctor. Or should I say clinic. The doctor I had move to the southern part of the state. And as far as I know they haven't found a replacement.
The way my insurance I have to go my and you notice I used the word "my". Well I don't have a primary caregiver.
Confession time...I'm tired of trying to see and figure out what food I can eat or not. 
Simple I need a primary care giver to send a recommendation to a immunologist.
I'm guessing the local clinic I go to could send the paper work to immunologist.
Once again because of my job. It's good to keep your medical records with your primary care giver, and have good comuncation with your primary care giver.

It's getting time for me to eat a little lunch. Pumpkin seeds, apple and few shrimps. And head to work

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

An Hour Up

Sun went down some time after 6:45, and sun will come up shortly after 7:00
The county road in front of my home is pretty much melt out. But a little muddy. Looks like I can back to some walking.

Murphy and I went to visit his sister Faith. Her and her husband Heniz is doing fine.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Who Are Trying To Measure Up To

We or lease some how we give our self some type of grade though out life,  just like in school.
Still doing it.

I just start my next week bullet journal. Usual the first thing I put in is my health goals and plans. First thing as for my health I put in steps if I make my 5,000 steps I color in a square.  Not sure when I will increase my step goals. for sure I made my 5,000 steps or more this past week, not sure what today (Saturday) will be.
Water that I put down 36oz or more is also 3 times this week.
I understand 10,000 is what one should try to OBTAIN.
Then weigh in twice a week. I found out if I weigh in more then that...It seem I come to two conclusion...If I loose I give my self permission  to celebrate with foods. If I gain I give my self permission to punish my self with foods.

I can complete understand the reason behind the 24 times zones. But the ideal of having to change our clock twice a year, to me seams to be so out dated.
Things would work out if we didn't change our CLOCK TWICE A YEAR and if I was to be pointed ruler of the world...Statement time....I hope no one is taking me serious about ruling the world...
It would be great if everyone set there clock and head a half hour and leave it.

I was trying to find out what is actual COST OF LIVING in my area. One son lives in MEDFORD OREGON and the other lives in SPOKANE VALLEY WASHINGTON, near liberty lake.
But I have to wonder how they came up on how they would grade a certain place.

We might not grade in the same format as we are in school. We do judge our self and it seems we our own worst critic and we sure have a hard time forgiving our self.

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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Mathability of Flexability

Plan A actual became Plan B. For my evening things I want to start or even complete. Was to put the dishes away, and paint a rock.
Confession time....I was stupid and had an ice cream cone....see to much dairy and beef product plays a bottomless pit of un-pleasure.
So a little more trips to the bathroom was force upon me.
Forget putting the dishes away and rock painting. Well I did get chance to spend some time working on the locker hook rugs.

Yellow can represent FLEXIBILITY. There a few groupings flexibility can fall under. But the important thing is how you handle your flexibility. Remember we have choice and free will.

Never thought I was moving fast enough on my goals. Every week in my bullet journal one of my on going task is when I head to work, to grab from the pile of item in basement and take it to the thrift store. Sound simple enough.
I actual meant to take a bag or box in each and every day. Well it hasn't happen that way.
This morning as I was grabbing some ole bedding and actual quite bit is gone.

Last few days I been working on a locker hook rug that for Sawyer and Betty. Looks like I will be using up one of my bag of fabrics. Actual I'm starting to wonder if I have enough cut. Well rug making is one way of up cycling.

We have snow on ground that seems like long time. Today when I took Regis trash out to the main garbage box.
The snow melt under the trees. It's been so long since I stood on actual bare ground. I must just stood there for a few minutes and day dreaming.
Well there not sure quite why Regis hip pop out let lone twice. The orthopedic surgeon is stump why it pop out, not once but twice.
The surgeon said something like this haven't happen in like over ten years. So by his cat scan it shouldn't happen. So there investigating.
I sure hope they figure what's going on. I can't see this being any fun.

My last weigh in at T.O.P.S I was down

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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Me and Nothing

Can't say I accomplish much. A day of looking up the odds and ends with google. Now some one can just say "google it" and usual then or lease I do. It comes over whelming.

Not going into much detail. I've meant all sort of people and including my self who had some degree of adverse trauma in there life.
Well I keep hearing of resilience. Why some have it and other seem to struggle though any adversity in life.
It effect everything in there life. It pretty much controls every little part of a life that is not lived at fullest

Trying to figure my work schedule for the up coming week. One client is such a morning person, and that's me. My other client isn't one what so every.
Well in past on Monday I would go over to Regis around ten. Before that he has his social worker. Stay to around one or two. I would like to go over to Liz right after wards, as one can see her social worker is there
Then Liz has her social worker come in around one or two. So a lot of time I had a good hour or more to kill.
I'm not starting work until like 11 in the morning or so. At Regis and finish up around three. Then go over to Liz and stay to 6 or 7 in the evening.
Not a big fan of swing shift.

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